Wiener Physikalisches Kolloquium

 Sommersemester 2017

24.04.2017 17:00

On the 24th of April the next VPC will take place with guest speaker Quentin Ramasse, director of the SuperSTEM laboratory and Associate Professor at...

29.05.2017 17:00

On the 29th of May the next VPC will take place with guest speaker Ralph Claessen, professor and experimentalist in the field of solid state physics...

 Wintersemester 2016/2017

12.12.2016 17:30

Jasper Kirkby, experimental particle physicist at CERN, Switzerland will give a Vienna Physics Colloquium on Mon 12 December 2016.

09.01.2017 17:30

Dirk Englund, amieson Career Development Professor at MIT, will give a Vienna Physics Colloquium on Monday 9 January 2017.



The first direct detection of Gravitational Waves and beyond

Fulvio Ricci, Dipartimento di Fisica Università di Roma Sapienza, INFN Sezione di Roma


Quantum optics with emitters in waveguides

Ignacio Cirac, Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, München


Unconventional superconductivity probed by scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy

Christian Hess, Institut für Festkörperforschung, IFW Dresden.

In this talk, I will present recent results on the unconventional superconductor...


From Free-Flying Fullerenes to Nanoelectromechanics: the fascinating properties of nano carbon

Eleanor Campbell, University of Edinburgh


Stochastic thermodynamics: From principles to the cost of precision

Udo Seifert, Universität Stuttgart, II. Institut für Theoretische Physik


Structure and dynamics of water at interfaces: "Surfing" waterdroplets and ice formation

Angelos Michaelides, Thomas Young Centre, University College London, UK